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5 Consumer Protection Tips to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Almost everybody shares sensitive personal data online in one way or another. For instance, your social media profiles are likely filled with personal information. Odds are you’re sharing personal financial information to make online purchases as well.

Unfortunately, if such data falls in the wrong hands, it can be used to commit fraud. Because of this, consumer protection has become more important than ever.

Feb. 28-March 6, 2021 was National Consumer Awareness Week. Fraud runs rampant online, which is why spreading awareness about consumer protection is so important.

Consumer Protection Tips for You

Online thieves have been known to hack into accounts as well as trick users into providing personal information. Hackers will commit credit card fraud using your credit card number or personal details. That and identity fraud can have massive consequences.

The following are a few consumer protection tips to prevent identity theft online:

  1. Always download software updates – Whenever your computer or phone has an update available, download it. Updates can protect against possible security breaches and prevent viruses that may expose your personal information.

  2. Don’t open suspicious emails – If you get an email that seems suspicious, don’t open it. If you do open the email and still do not know what it is, then don’t download any attachments or click on any links.

  3. Shop on secure sites – If you’re making an online purchase, only do so on a website that uses the HTTPS protocol. This ensures your information is encrypted.

  4. Use difficult-to-guess passwords – Use various numbers and symbols for passwords. Don’t use the same password for everything and don’t make it something that’s easy to guess (like “password” or your birthdate).

  5. Use IDShield IDShield will monitor your online identity, credit, and social media activities to ensure nothing out of the ordinary is showing up. If there are activities that indicate fraud, you will be notified immediately so you can act quickly. They also provide full-service identity restoration and other features.

Be sure to use these consumer protection tips to prevent identity theft online. For more advice about consumer protection, visit us at The Benefits Store today.


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