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Women’s Health: Preparing for Your Next Checkup

When it comes to women’s health, general checkups are important, even if you think you’re completely healthy. Regular checkups can help keep you healthy by potentially preventing diseases and disability. The following are a few women’s health tips to keep in mind when preparing for your next checkup:

  1. Ask if it’s time for recommended screening tests – There are a number of screening tests that are recommended based on a person’s general health, lifestyle, age, and family history. Ask your healthcare provider if there are any vaccinations, tests, or follow-up exams that you should schedule. Some of these vaccinations and tests may include STD screenings, tetanus shots, eye checks, pap tests, mammograms, or blood pressure tests.

  2. Record any health issues – Before going to your scheduled checkup, write down all health issues you’re concerned about, no matter how minor they may be. For example, note any changes in your eating habits, energy levels, menstrual cycle, weight, and more. Be completely honest with your doctor. In some cases, these issues are isolated health issues with which your doctor can help, but in other cases, they could be indicative of problems that need to be diagnosed.

  3. Review family medical history – Find out if any of your close relatives have been diagnosed with any new diseases or conditions. You’ll want to let your doctor know about these new health issues because they could influence your risk of developing certain conditions. Make sure that you’re aware of any conditions or health problems your immediate family has had in the past. For example, knowing what kind of health problems your grandparents may have had can be quite helpful for your doctor to know.

It’s important you schedule regular checkups with your doctor to ensure that you remain healthy no matter how old you are. For more information concerning women’s health or to find an insurance plan that best suits your needs, visit us at The Benefits Store today.


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