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Technology of Benefit in Dyslexia Cases

Dyslexia can be an extremely debilitating condition that affects not only the individual’s ability to read and write but can also result in lowered self-confidence. It’s a neurological condition that affects between five and 10 percent of the world. However, the advancement of technology over the past decade has been a huge benefit to numerous dyslexia cases.

How technology can help dyslexia cases

One of the major challenges of dyslexia is that it can cause individuals to lose belief in themselves. They’ll often assume that they simply aren’t as smart as their peers, which is rarely true. This lack of confidence can cause students with dyslexia to avoid asking for help, causing them to fall behind in their studies, which makes learning an even bigger challenge.

Fortunately, new advances in technology provide individuals with dyslexia the tools that they need to compensate for their learning disabilities, thereby giving them a much better chance to overcome their condition. This, in turn, can inspire them to greater things as a result of an improved self-confidence.

Traditionally, students with dyslexia were taught using modified teaching methods. However, new software programs and devices have proven to help students with dyslexia to not only improve their reading abilities but to help them learn to love reading.

One such type of software is the word-reading app. There are a number of these apps available for smartphones, tablets and laptops. These programs are text-to-speech software that allows dyslexic children to read books while the words are being read aloud at the same time. Basically, they act as a real-time assistant when dyslexic students get stuck on certain words.

There are also a number of dyslexic-designed fonts, including Dyslexie font and OpenDyslexic, which transform digital text into a font that’s more readable for those with dyslexia. Yet another useful tool is Livescribe Echo pen, which reads back what you’ve written to ensure that you wrote the right word.

Thanks to technology, students with dyslexia have more tools to help them learn! For more health news updates, visit The Benefits Store today.


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