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Poliovirus Destroys Cancer Cells

Cancer continues to be a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Although treatment of cancer has improved as well as methods for prevention, there is still no cure. However, scientists continue to make advancements in finding a potential cure, as evidenced by the discovery that the poliovirus may kill cancer cells.

How the Poliovirus Could Stop Cancer

Research gathered from a study performed at Duke University was recently published in the Science Translational Medicine journal suggesting that the poliovirus could help the body to fight cancer. The research team consisted of Professor Smita Nair of the Department of Surgery and Dr. Matthias of the Department of Neurosurgery.

The research reveals how a modified poliovirus is able to combat cancer by helping the body to identify and attack cancerous cells. This modified version of polio has been in clinical trials for almost seven years. Preliminary results have shown positive signs that the virus could fight more aggressive forms of brain tumors.

The research team explored how the poliovirus acted in melanoma and triple-negative breast cancer. Studies showed that the poliovirus would attach itself to the cancerous cells as a result of the CD155 protein that these cells carried, which act as a receptor for the poliovirus.

As a result, the virus begins attacking these cells, which in turn triggers the release of antigens from the tumor. The body is unable to identify these antigens, which are toxic substances, and therefore attacks them. Basically, the release of the antigens helps jumpstart the body’s immune system. Not only could this help to eliminate cancer, the process seems to have continuous success, which means that it could stop tumors from re-growing.

The use of the poliovirus could help the body’s immune system to identify and more effectively attack cancerous cells, thereby fighting cancer and preventing the return growth of tumors. For all the latest news relating to cancer or to keep up to date with the latest health news in general, be sure to continue visiting us at The Benefits Store.


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