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Liquid Aspirin a Potential Breakthrough in Treating Brain Tumors

The Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, located at the University of Portsmouth in England, recently revealed potentially groundbreaking research in regards to the use of a new liquid aspirin in the treatment of brain tumors. There will be 23,770 new brain tumor cases and 16,050 deaths related to brain and nervous system cancers this year in the U.S. alone.

Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

According to the research, the newly developed liquid aspirin could cross the blood-brain barrier, which is the coating that prevents foreign substances in the bloodstream from getting into the brain while at the same time allowing essential molecules to pass back and forth from the bloodstream into the brain and vice versa.

This blood-brain barrier makes it extremely difficult to develop a drug to treat brain tumors that could pass through to the brain. Some of the drugs that have been developed in recent years that can destroy tumors in other parts of the body are unable to attack brain tumors because they are unable to get through the blood-brain barrier.

How Liquid Aspirin Can Help Fight Brain Tumors

The liquid aspirin’s name is IP1867B and it combines aspirin with two other ingredients. This is the first time a liquid aspirin has been developed. Previous drugs known as liquid aspirin were not fully soluble – they actually contained small particles of solid aspirin. Because of this, they often caused gastric side effects.

All three ingredients in the new liquid aspirin have been shown to kill tumor cells without damaging healthy brain tissue. Research has shown that it could be extremely effective against glioblastoma, which is one of the most common and devastating types of brain tumors. The drug was tested on cancer cells taken from both adults and children with brain cancer. The ingredients were discovered to be 10 times as effective as any other drug, both individually and in combination, than any currently used drugs.

The new liquid aspirin has already been approved for clinical use. Stay up to date with all the newest health related news by visiting The Benefits Store.


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