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Juice Cleanses Don’t Rid the Body of Toxins

One of the biggest health fads over the last few years has been the juice cleanse. Juice cleansing has been advertised as a way to remove all of those terrible toxins from the body — and many people have bought into it, as evidenced from the pricey bottles of juice offered at grocery stores as well as the healthy juice shops that have opened up all over the country. However, there’s a giant misconception that has been feeding into the popularity of juice cleansing — it doesn’t actually remove toxins from your body.


Most people who are in the process of cleansing their bodies of toxins with a juice cleanse actually have no idea what they are trying to get rid of. The term “toxins” might as well just be “bad stuff.” Everyone is exposed to toxins on a daily basis, that’s for sure. Common toxins include pesticides, alcohol and even acetaminophen, one of the active ingredients in Tylenol. But the thing is, the body is built to handle these toxins naturally — it typically doesn’t need the assistance of juice.

The kidneys and liver are organs designed to remove toxins from the bloodstream and to process them into feces and urine for removal. According to medical experts, there is no good scientific evidence that a juice cleanse can aid this process.

So Is It Worth It?

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no benefit whatsoever to a juice cleanse. The juices used in a juice cleanse, which often consist of vitamin and antioxidant-rich vegetables, can be extremely beneficial in a number of ways. They provide the body with nutrients that can help improve its health, they can be an effective way to help lose weight and they can get people to pay more attention to their diet by eating healthier.

Juice cleansing can be extremely beneficial to the health of one’s body, but there’s a common misconception that it helps remove toxins from the body — it doesn’t. To keep up to date with all newest health-related fads and health insurance information, be sure to visit us at the Benefits Store today.


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