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Is Technology a Threat to Your Eyes?

Almost everyone can remember being told as a child not to sit too close to the TV screen by their parents for fear of ruining their eyes. While this may have seemed like a bit of an exaggeration, it turns out that the exposure to all of today’s technological advances, from tablet screens to smartphone screens, could be a detriment to healthy vision. The following are a few ways that technology can affect healthy vision:

  1. Computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome refers symptoms caused by staring at digital screens, which includes computers, tablets, cellphones, TVs, and more. The symptoms range from mild to disabling and include eyestrain, headaches, double vision, itchy eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and difficulty focusing, to name a few. These symptoms are a result of blinking less when focusing on a screen, staring at a screen at an angle that exposes more of the eye to dry air and – that’s right – staring too close to the screen.

  2. Cataracts. Although there’s yet to be definite proof, there have been links made between the exposure to blue light and the development of cataracts — especially now that many patients are developing cataracts in their mid-30’s.

  3. Retina damage. Many people don’t just use their digital screens constantly during the day, they take one to bed with them at night. Around 60 percent of Americans use digital technology for their alarm clocks. Staring at blue light at night can lead to retinal damage, which could result in macular degeneration and damage to the central vision.

  4. Headaches. Out of all the negative effects that the over exposure to digital devices can cause, headaches are the third most common. The eyestrain caused by staring at a screen for too long can cause tension headaches. This is because the eyes have to focus harder to see the contrast between the darkness of the text and the brightness of the screen.

The overuse of digital technology could have a negative impact on healthy vision. To stay up to date on all the newest health related news and information, visit us at The Benefits Store today.


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