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Do Humans Have an Expiration Date?

Most people are aware that there is an average life expectancy, but this average life expectancy takes into account all types of variables, including where a person lives, what period of time they lived in, what they do for work, their gender, their race and their lifestyle, to name a few. However, researchers have recently found new evidence that suggests the human body is not able to function after a certain amount of years.

The average life expectancy has gone up over time because of the advancement of new medicines, medical techniques and technology, all of which have helped reduce the average age of death quite a bit. However, researchers recently came to the conclusion that the human body will generally max out at 115 years – although there is a one-in-10,000 chance that a person could survive up to 125 years.

The study, “Evidence for a limit to human lifespan,” claims that the maximum lifespan is not fixed and can be affected by genetic and pharmacological interventions. For example, researchers in Sweden discovered the maximum lifespan of a human being was around 101 years back in the 1860s. By the 1990s, that max was pushed to 108 years due to all of the advancements made in medicine and technology over that period of time.

However, scientists involved with the new study believe that it is unlikely that the human age limit will exceed 125 years for the simple reason that various forms of declining mental health will prevent it. To break that barrier, scientists believe that future advancements would have to overwhelm the many genetic variants that collectively determine the human lifespan.

Many scientists believe that effort should be focused on living better during that period instead of living longer. As one researcher pointed out, what’s the point of living longer if the person is no longer mentally present?

Human beings do have a general expiration date, although this could technically be lengthened in the future. To keep up with all the latest health-related news, visit us at The Benefits Store today.


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