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5 Reasons Positivity Is Good for Your Health

Having a positive outlook on life isn’t just beneficial to people’s mental attitude and ability to motivate themselves. It can actually have an impact on their overall health as well – including their physical health. At this point, the scientific community is in agreement that what happens in a person’s brain will influence what happens to the body, which is why a positive attitude can result in improved health. The following are just five reasons why positivity is good for health:

  1. Staying positive reduces stress – People who are positive tend to be less stressed out. Stress can have a negative impact on one’s immune system and energy levels, which can affect the overall health of a person, reducing the risk of depression.

  2. Staying positive reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease – Several studies have shown that people with more optimism are at a lower risk of heart disease or failure than those who are pessimistic.

  3. Staying positive is linked to lower cholesterol levels – A study performed by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed participants who scored as being optimistic on their test tended to have higher levels of good cholesterol.

  4. Staying positive makes it easier to cope – People who are have a positive outlook on life have a stronger ability to cope with a worse turn in luck – such as developing a disease. By being able to cope with an illness better, it will have less of a negative impact on their life.

  5. Staying positive allows the enjoyment of life – Being positive won’t cure certain diseases, but it can give the person the ability to enjoy their life as they are living it – even while they are sick. Imagine having been negative for ten years while ill, only to have the illness disappear! That’s ten years of one’s life that was spent in misery when it could have been enjoyed.

These are just five reasons why a positive outlook on life is so important to one’s health. For all the latest health-related news and advice, be sure to stay up to date with The Benefits Store.


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