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3 Earthquake Safety Tips

No major damage has been caused by earthquakes in California in the past few years, but it’s important that we know what to do for earthquake safety if a serious earthquake does hit. After all, California is an area that is earthquake-prone.

That’s why the Great California Shakeout event is held every October 17 to increase earthquake safety awareness. More than 9 million people have registered for the 2019 twelfth annual Great California Shakeout.

Here are 3 earthquake safety tips you should know:

1. Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Remember these three steps you should follow when an earthquake hits:

  1. Drop – Because a serious earthquake could knock you over (causing injury), you should drop to the floor on your hands and knees immediately. 

  2. Cover – Using one arm, cover your head and neck from potential debris falling from the ceiling. If possible, crawl under a nearby desk or table for shelter. If there’s no cover, crawl to an interior wall away from any windows. Bend your body over your knees to protect vital organs.

  3. Hold On – Remain dropped and undercover until the shaking stops.

2. Create a Family Emergency Plan

Make sure you create a family emergency plan so you know what to do following an earthquake. First of all, establish an out-of-town contact. This contact should be willing to act as a communication coordinator for your family and everyone in your family should have the contact’s phone number in their cellphones. This contact can help you know everyone’s okay and can get help if you need it.

3. Subscribe to Alert Services

ShakeAlert and other warning apps can text you alerts about bad weather, local emergencies, road closings, and more.

Learn how to prepare yourself for an earthquake by signing up for October’s Great California Shakeout. Keep up-to-date with the latest health news and emergency preparation tips by visiting us at The Benefits Store


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