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What Is Disability (and Disability Insurance)?

When you think of “disability,” there’s a good chance you think of a severe mental or physical condition that limits a person’s ability to function properly. However, disabilities range in severity and more people in California are disabled than you might realize. In fact, according to the CDC, roughly 25 percent of all Americans suffer from a disability.

Because disabilities affect so many and aren’t always understood, May was named Disability Insurance Month to help promote awareness about disabilities and disability insurance coverage.

What Constitutes A ‘Disability?’

The CDC defines a disability as any kind of mental or physical condition that makes it more difficult for a person to perform certain activities or to interact with their environment. Conditions can include disorders that affect your ability to move, see, hear, think, remember, learn, and communicate.

Essentially, conditions that impair the body’s physical or mental function or limits the ability to participate in an activity can be considered disabilities.

How a person develops a disability can vary as well. Some people are born with disabilities (for example, autism). Some develop disabilities as a result of another condition (such as muscular dystrophy or diabetes). Finally, some disabilities are the result of an accident (such as losing the function of an arm or leg due to a car accident).

The most common disability is that of mobility limitation, like difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Many senior citizens develop disabilities as they age, both mobility- and/or cognitive-related.

Learn About California Disability Insurance Coverage

Suffering from a disability can make it difficult to work. On top of that, paying for the medical bills related to your condition can become incredibly expensive, especially if you’re out of work.

It’s why you should consider disability insurance. Disability insurance can ensure that you receive at least a partial income if you are disabled and unable to work.

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