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What Everyone Should Know About Drowning

When you go swimming in California, odds are you’re not worried about drowning, especially if you learned to swim at a young age. But there is a significant risk when you’re in or on the water, even if you know how to swim. In fact, it is such a problem that it is vital awareness about the risk is encouraged.

Drowning Remains a Large Risk

The following are a few drowning statistics that showcase just how big of a problem it remains throughout not just California, but the United States:

  1. 23% of drownings among children happen in a pool. According to the CDC, 250 children aged five and under drown in pools every year.

  2. It is the number one cause of unintentional injury-related deaths amongst children aged four and under.

  3. Risk among adults increases due to drug and alcohol use.

  4. More than 4,000 people drown in the U.S. alone every year.

How To Reduce the Risk

Follow these tips to ensure that you and your family remain safe when swimming or boating:

  1. Avoid alcohol and drugs when swimming or boating.

  2. Do not go swimming right after you eat to avoid cramps.

  3. If you own a pool, place a barrier around it. A lack of barriers contributes to many deaths.

  4. Never let children go swimming without adult supervision. Most incidents involving children occur in familiar surroundings.

  5. Review swimming rules with children before taking them near water (not entering the water without an adult nearby, not running around the pool, etc.). 

  6. Teach your children how to swim at an early age.

If you plan to be near the water, whether alone or with your children, be sure you understand the risks and take proper precautions. For more California safety tips, visit us at The Benefits Store today.


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