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United for Safety: The Great American ShakeOut of 2023

Every year, communities across the United States come together for an important event that reminds us of the unpredictable force of nature and the importance of being prepared. The Great American ShakeOut of 2023, held annually on the third Thursday of October, is a nationwide earthquake drill. This drill helps you practice how to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” in the event of a seismic emergency. It is promised to be an even more significant event, uniting people from coast to coast in the name of earthquake preparedness.

The Importance of Earthquake Preparedness:

Earthquakes are a natural part of life in many parts of the United States. While some regions are more prone to seismic activity than others, no area is entirely exempt from the risk. Earthquakes can strike suddenly and without warning. This can cause significant damage to buildings, infrastructure, and, most importantly, posing a threat to human lives.

The Great American ShakeOut is a crucial initiative that underscores the importance of preparedness. It’s a reminder that earthquakes are not merely a problem for geologists or emergency responders but something each of us needs to consider and prepare for in our daily lives.

The Great American ShakeOut 2023:

The Great American ShakeOut of 2023 will take place on October 19th at 10:19 AM local time. During this annual event, participants from all walks of life, including schools, businesses, government agencies, and individuals, will join together to practice earthquake safety. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Register: First, register your participation on the official ShakeOut website ( This not only allows you to be counted among the millions participating but also provides access to valuable resources and information on earthquake preparedness.

  2. Drop, Cover, and Hold On: At the designated time, participate in the earthquake drill. Remember the mantra: Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Drop to your hands and knees, take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture (or protect your head and neck if cover isn’t available), and hold on until the shaking stops.

  3. Share Your Experience: After the drill, take a moment to discuss your experience with family, friends, or colleagues. What did you learn? Were there any challenges you encountered? Sharing these insights can lead to more effective earthquake preparedness.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Great American ShakeOut isn’t just about going through the motions of a drill; it’s about fostering a culture of preparedness. Here are some compelling reasons to get involved:

  1. Safety: The knowledge and skills gained during the ShakeOut can save lives in the event of a real earthquake.

  2. Community Resilience: Communities that practice and prepare together are more resilient and better equipped to recover from disasters.

  3. Education: The ShakeOut provides an educational opportunity for people of all ages to learn about earthquake risks and safety measures.

  4. Preparedness for Other Emergencies: The lessons learned during earthquake preparedness can often be applied to other emergency situations. (Example:such as tornadoes or fires.)

The Great American ShakeOut of 2023 is a chance for us all to come together and take proactive steps towards earthquake preparedness. By participating in this nationwide drill, we can better protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. Remember, preparedness saves lives, and it starts with you. Join the ShakeOut, and let’s shake things up for safety!


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