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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 10 Things to Know

Breast cancer continues to be one of the most serious forms of cancer. In fact, it’s the second most common form of cancer affecting women. It’s estimated that one out of every eight women born in the U.S. will be affected by breast cancer at some point during their lives. Fortunately, survival rates are high if breast cancer is diagnosed early. It’s why getting a mammogram is so important and why October was named National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in order to highlight the importance of getting screened.

Since this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are ten things you should know about breast cancer:

  1. Although breast cancer lifetime risk has increased over the past five decades, this is in part because of longer life expectancy. 

  2. Although men can develop breast cancer, it’s 100 times more common in women. Women are also 200 times more at risk of developing breast cancer than men.

  3.  Around 0.10 percent of all U.S. men are diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

  4. Around 80 percent of breast lumps are discovered during monthly breast self-exams.

  5. Around 85 of all breast cancer cases occur in women with no family history of breast cancer.

  6. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death for women in the U.S. 

  7. Despite the progress in breast cancer treatment, breast cancer remains the second-leading cause of cancer-related death.

  8. There are currently 2.8 million women who have breast cancer or who had breast cancer at one time in the U.S.

  9. Women who are overweight are 1.5 times more likely to develop breast cancer after they have experienced menopause. Women who are obese are twice as likely to develop breast cancer after menopause.

  10. Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40 are 4.5 times more likely to develop another breast cancer.

Be sure to schedule a mammogram and spread awareness about breast cancer for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For all the latest health news about the advancements being made to treat breast cancer, continue visiting us at The Benefits Store.


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