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Earthquake Safety

Although earthquakes don’t occur everywhere in the country, they do occur in California on occasion. It’s been a while since a severe earthquake hit, but it’s still important to remain prepared. The state encourages its residents to stay informed about earthquake safety and promotes awareness for earthquake safety every year through its Great California “Shake-Out,” which is October 15, 2020, at 10:15 a.m.

What is the Great California Shake-Out?

The Great California Shake-Out allows families throughout California to prepare for potential earthquakes. Essentially, everyone who registers practices the steps they should take should a real earthquake hit. The event always takes place on the third Thursday of October and millions of people from around the world participate. This year, more than 9 million California residents have registered online to take part.

Earthquake Safety Tips

You can practice earthquake safety steps with your family at any time as well as during the Great California Shake-Out:

  1. Drop – The first thing you should do when an earthquake hits is to drop to the ground. Because the ground is unstable and shaking, you could fall and injure yourself if you try to stay upright.

  2. Cover – Once on the ground, crawl toward cover. For instance, if you’re inside and near a table, crawl under the table. If there’s no cover nearby, scoot next to an interior wall away from a window. Bend over to protect your organs and cover your head.

  3. Hold On – Stay on the ground and covered for as long as the shaking continues. If you’re under an object such as a table, hold onto it with one hand and be prepared to move if it shifts. If you don’t have shelter above you and you’re next to a wall, hold your head and neck with your arms and hands.

Earthquakes are rare but can be incredibly devastating. Practice these earthquake safety tips and participate in the upcoming Great California Shake-Out.

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