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Covered California’s Open Enrollment Deadline

Residents of California that need federal premium assistance in order to buy brand-name health insurance can receive it under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act by enrolling in Covered California. By enrolling in Covered California, residents may qualify for a private insurance discount or receive health insurance via California’s Medi-Cal program. However, there is a deadline for enrolling in Covered California. Enrollment opened up on November 1st, 2015 and will end on January 31st, 2016.

Covered California Open Enrollment Process

The following is the process that residents will go through in order to sign up for health insurance via Covered California:

  1. Shopping and comparing plans—Residents simply need to enter some personal information in order to receive an estimate for how much health insurance will cost. The less a resident makes on an annual basis, the more financial assistance they will receive.

  2. Applying for an insurance plan—Once a resident finds a plan that suits them, they can apply through Covered California. Residents will need to provide personal information that includes their ID, income information, social security number, zip code and proof of citizenship or lawful presence. Anyone that needs assistance during this step can simply click on the Find Local Help button located on the home page.

  3. Review choices—Once residents have applied, they can review their private insurance options. Companies included in Covered California include Anthem, BlueCross, Blue Shield of California, CCHP, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, LA Care, Molina Healthcare, Oscar, Sharp, Valley Health Plan, Western Health Advantage and United Health Care.

  4. Begin payments—Residents will be able to make their first month’s payment online or they can choose to wait until a bill comes to their home via the mail.

Covered California can help ensure that all of the state’s residents get the healthcare insurance that they need at an affordable rate. Be sure to visit the Benefits Store today in order to receive more information about Covered California enrollment or about health insurance and the Affordable Care Act in general. Remember, the open enrollment date will end this month on January 31st.


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