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6 Ways Dry January Will Benefit Your Health

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people share is to become healthier. One of the popular ways to do this – besides exercising more regularly – is to go through a dry January. A dry January refers to a month of sobriety. Abstaining from alcohol for an entire month is more difficult for some than it is for others, but it can have a tremendous impact on one’s health.

How a Dry January Can Benefit One’s Health

The following are just a few ways in which abstaining from alcohol consumption over the period of a month can help improve a person’s overall health:

  1. Drink less long-term Health Psychology published a study in which they discovered that people who took part in a dry January ended up drinking less than they normally would have over the following six months.

  2. Reduce potential heart problems – Excessive alcohol consumption can cause an increase in the levels of fats in the heart. These levels of fats are known as triglycerides, which contribute to the buildup of plaque in the arteries. When this occurs, there’s an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Drinking too much alcohol can also lead to high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and cardiomyopathy.

  3. Reduce the risk of liver damage – By drinking too much over a period of time, one risks causing damage to the liver. Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to a buildup of fat in the arteries, known as alcohol hepatitis or, in more severe cases, alcohol cirrhosis.

  4. Reduce the risk of pancreas issues – Heavy alcohol consumption can disrupt one’s pancreatic function, which can lead to pancreatitis.

  5. Lose weight – Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories. Almost half of those who participate in dry January end up losing weight, according to a survey performed by Alcohol Concern.

  6. Improve sleep – Alcohol consumption disrupts sleep and can lead to insomnia. Cutting down on alcohol can lead to better sleep, allowing the body to restore itself more fully.

Take part in dry January to enjoy these health benefits. Be sure to keep up with The Benefits Store for more health news and advice.


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