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5 Challenges of Living With a Disability

More people than you realize are living with a disability in the United States. According to the CDC, roughly 26% of all American adults have a disability of some sort. These disabilities, which include both mental and physical disabilities, not only reduce the quality of life and hinder the ability to perform activities of daily living, but they can limit your ability to work as well. The following are just a few of the challenges that people with disabilities must live with in the United States:

Common Challenges of Living With a Disability

The following are some of the common challenges people with physical and mental disabilities struggle face every day:

  1. Mobility problems: One in eight American adults reports having a mobility-based disability, such as difficulties walking or taking the stairs.

  2. Higher health risks: People with disabilities are 38.2% more likely to be obese, 11.5% more likely to have heart disease, and 16.3% more likely to have diabetes.

  3. Lower rate of technology adoption: Only 50% of disabled Americans use the Internet on a daily basis, while almost 80% of American adults with no disabilities use the Internet every day.

  4. Earn less income: Disabled Americans simply make less money. According to the Census Bureau, in 2019, disabled Americans earned a median of $21,572, which is around 30% less than non-disabled individuals.

  5. Inability to work: It’s estimated that more than 25% of the 20-year-olds in the United States today will miss work for at least 12 months as a result of a disability, such as back injuries, depression, or heart problems, before they reach retirement.

Getting Disability Insurance

Just because you’re completely healthy right now doesn’t mean you’ll never experience a disability. Because living with a disability is incredibly challenging and affects your quality of life as well as your financial situation, it’s critical that you consider investing in disability insurance. Disability insurance will provide you with partial income should you develop a disability that prevents you from working.

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